Thursday, September 4, 2008

Vestibular Stimulation

Your vestibular system is situated in the inner ear. The vestibular apparatus detects changes in speed and directions of head movement. The vestibular system forms an equilibrial trail with the visual and proprioceptive system and it also has an influence on the nervous system. The main functions of the vestibular system are: to maintain equilibrium, to direct the oaze of the eyes and to preserve a constant plane of vision. The child enjoys stimulating his vestibular apparatus and challenging his equilibrium and skills against the earth’s gravitational pull from the first time he lifts his head. Can you now see that your child’s reading can even improve when your child’s vestibular system is stimulated? Because the “ears are connected to the eyes”. Most children are too stagnant because of TV and play-station, so make sure that your child has some sort of a swing or trampoline outside or take your child to the park to play on the playground swings and merry-go-rounds on a weekly basis.

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